About Us

DACUM for Consultancy and Training was established 2008 based on 30 years experience of its chairman: Dr. Ahmad Bozobar in the field of training and consultation.  Through these years DACUM conducted several training workshops and went through several consulting projects all over the region (e.g.: Oman – Jordan – Saudi Arabia – UAE – Qatar – Tunisia –  Sudan – Egypt in addition to Kuwait)

We consider in DACUM that our main trainers are our best partners. We also have a network of partners who are cooperating with us on project base in different cities in the gulf (e.g. Jeddah, Riyadh, &Alkhobar SA, Amman, Jordan, Muscat, Oman, Abu Dhabi, UAE and  Doha, Qatar). Our cooperation with these partners started from TOT workshops, to OD projects, not to mention seminars & workshops on DACUM methodology on how to design Training Curriculum.

We in DACUM have a very professional, enthusiastic, and well trained team working side by side with the chairman Dr. Ahmad Bozobar (who has 30 years experience in the field of training and consultation). Some names are:
1. Dr. Abdulla Alfailakawi: University Professor in computer education. Well known as the first instructor at Kuwait University who introduced Social Media as a tool for Teaching & Learning through his book: PBWorks Wiki: Theoretical & Practical Guide for Teacher to deliver effectively
2. Dr. Nada Al Sharikh: BSC, specialized in life coaching & train for change workshops
3. Elham Al Aywad: MBA , certified trainer from ilm (Institute of Leadership & Management)


We have in DACUM six fulltime people along with 11 team members who are dedicated to work with us in almost daily bases.

Among several types of workshops and consultation project most of our revenue in DACUM comes from the few types of lines of business we are focusing on, namely:

  • TOT: Training of Trainers workshops (400 graduates so far)
  • DACUM Club Membership: a club we established in DACUM to build continuous developmental relationships & links with our graduates above
  • SPS: Specialized Strategic Planning certification program
  • DACUM Methodology in designing Training Packages
  • Online Training Seminars & Workshops

We do have in DACUM a concentrated list of trainers since we are only dealing with those who are applying the philosophy of Participant-Centered Instruction. Among these are some names: Most of them gained averages of 95.2% in a scale of 100%.

1. Saleh Albaroud: Specialized in Presentation Skills (Kuwait)
2. Dr. Suleiman A-Ali: Specialized in Out Door Training (Saudi Arabia)
3. Dr. Ayoub Al-ayoub: Specialized in Edutainment: Training with Fun (Kuwait)
4. Dr. Terry Whittington: Specialized in Curriculum Design (UK)
5. Dr. Ahmad Bozobar: Specialized in Train the Trainer & Strategic Planning (Kuwait)
6. Dr. Abdulla Alfailakawi: Specialized in Social Media & Online Training (Kuwait)
7. Abdulrahman Alqoraishi: Specialized in Personality & Dealing with trainees (KSA)

We categorized our clients in two types: Individuals & Organizations.

Our typical clients in the first category are:

  • HR managers who are willing re-engineer the role of HR Dept. for a cost center to a profitable one
  • Teachers who aim to change their way of teaching to be more Student-Centered.
  • Trainers who seek enrichment to their knowledge and enhancement to their skills.
Our typical clients in the second category are:

  • Government Sector: ministries & agencies that are seeking solutions to unleash their performance
  • Oil Sector: semi-governmental companies who are looking for training & performance solutions
  • Private Sector: we are serving them in lunching Strategic Planning Projects.

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